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Screenshot showing a dropdown being populated in PowerApps

The column “Value” of the table wasn’t found

I’ve found an odd error message in PowerApps which I can’t fathom. I can stop it happening, and so get the app working, but it looks like a bug.

When you populate a drop-down menu, you can hard code the items in it like this:

["First item","Second item","Third item"]

Alternatively, you can populate a dropdown using items in a column in your data source. Simply set the Items attribute of the Dropdown to the table name, e.g. ‘[dbo].[UserRoles]’ for a hypothetical tool where a user must state what kind they are from a predetermined list.

In the right hand sidebar, under ‘Advanced’, find the Data section and you’ll see something like this:

Screenshot showing a dropdown being populated in PowerApps
Populating a dropdown from a database table

Here the Value attribute shows all the columns in the UserRoles table. I have just two, one of which is a unique ID.

The column “Value” of the table wasn’t found

I kept getting this error message when I ran the app in Android and iOS:

The column "Value" of the table wasn't found

It took me a while to realise the link between this ‘Value’ and the Value attribute under Data!

Of course, Value isn’t a column in this table, nor will it likely be in any other table I use for a Dropdown (it’s a bit vague).

Changing the name of the column ‘UserRoles’ in my database to Value, it started showing the same message but complaining that UserRoles was now missing. Of course it was! And I certainly didn’t want to rename my column as ‘Value’ permanently.

What worked was to add an empty column named ‘Value’ in my database, allow nulls, and leave it like that. Well, it worked!

Not an ideal situation but I can’t see this as anything other than a bug. It always worked when I ran the app on the laptop I was building it on (a Surface Pro in case you’re interested in testing), but not the mobile apps.

If you’ve got any insight into this, please do let me know!