Adding barcodes to PowerApps at the list item level

You can create a barcode to associate with every item in a Sharepoint list. You can also associate a barcode with every item in a Sharepoint folder. But you do two different things to get each feature to work.

Adding a barcode to Sharepoint list items

Just a short one today, to share something that it took me too long to find. In fact, this is one of those times when the wrong way looks so right, that you assume either it’s broken or you’re an idiot. In my base, the latter was true.

I can also blame the typical lack of quality tutorials, so hopefully this short guide will make things clear.

  1. Open the Sharepoint list that you want to add a barcode to.
  2. Click the cog in the top right and select ‘List settings’.
  3. In the second column, click on ‘Information management policy settings’.
  4. This is the bit I got tangled in. Click on the ‘Item’ content type (and not ‘Folder’)
  5. On this final screen, tick the box labelled ‘Enable Barcodes’. Then click OK at the bottom.
Find list settings in the menu
Sharepoint list settings – enable barcodes
Select ‘Information management policy settings’

If you’re not taken to another screen here, click on OK again until you are. I think there’s something iffy there, and this won’t work unless your ‘OK’ takes hold.

Add a Barcode column to a Sharepoint list

You can now go back to your list and click on ‘Add column’ at the right end of the column headers. Click ‘Show/hide columns’ and, finally, tick the ‘Barcode’ box on the right side of your screen.

All new items will have a barcode, and I’ve found that editing a line will generate a barcode, even if you don’t change anything.

Image: Landscape. Finnish National Gallery. Public Domain

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